Data and Facts

CDS is a modern, powerful system developed for the calculation of cam shaft profiles respectively for the simulation of engine valve trains. The usage of state-of-the-art mathematical algorithms allows the user to design valve lift curves, without being confronted with the underlying complicated mathematical background. A basic knowledge about valve train design is sufficient, but nevertheless necessary to successfully design a valve train system.

CDS offers interfaces to CAD systems (DXF format), to production (data for grinding), to quality control (ADCOLE, HOMMEL) and to dynamic multibody simulation software (RecurDyn, ADAMS). With this functionality it is possible to export calculated data to all other important tools used in today's valve train development. The homogeneity of this development process guarantees a fast valve train design, which meets very high quality standards. Those characteristics combined with a broad clearness of the process interactions already led to a broad dispersion of the system not only at original equipment manufacturers and their supplier industry but also at motor sport (F1) and motor-bike companies. CDS is also used in many universities for Research and Development.

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